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Young Thug: Jury Selection In RICO Trial Expected To Last For ‘Several Months’



Young Thug‘s YSL RICO trial is off to a slow start with the jury selection process still ongoing and it’s looking like it could take several months before finding the official 12 jurors to hear the case.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Jozsef Papp on Wednesday (February 8), the jury selection process will continue for the next few months with a group of 300 potential jurors slated to be summoned on February 24 and another 300 thrown into the mix on March 17.

“Jury selection in the #YSL trial is expected to continue for several months now,” Papp wrote to Twitter. “In addition to a new group of 300 jurors being summoned on Feb. 24, another group of 300 will be summoned March 17.

“Those 600 jurors will have to go through the same thing with listening to a four-hour reading of the indictment, fill out the questionnaire and be heard for hardships.”


Essentially, Judge Glanville explained that the timing all depends on how quickly the jurors are examined. For example, if a few are heard, then the selection process will take five months, but if groups of 12 are brought in, then it will only take half that time.

Papp added that the plan is to take in a pool of 90 potential jurors which will be dwindled down to a group of 12 with four possible alternates ready to go.


Keep in mind that there are still dozens of motions involving the YSL case that are yet to be heard by a judge, so Young Thug’s fate might not be determined until at least the summer, which would mean he’s spending over a year behind bars before his trial began.

21 Savage recently opined that the energy around Atlanta is different right now with the ongoing trial and the losses the city has taken in the community.

“You can feel a lot of energy missing from Atlanta right now,” he said to Complex last month. “Atlanta just ain’t the same, honestly. That shit be really driving me crazy. I feel like we took a lot of big ass losses last year.

“I don’t feel like we’ll ever recover from that shit, if I’m being honest. Especially with TakeOff. I feel like we’re just in a dark place right now in Atlanta, as far as our energy. Going outside ain’t the same, clubs ain’t the same, you just feel it.”