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Young Thug’s Alleged Courtroom Drug Deal Video Has Twitter Questioning Everything



Young Thug has spent the majority of the last year behind bars. Ahead of the YSL RICO trial’s official start earlier this month, several of his co-defendants (including Gunna) copped plea deals for themselves. This leaves the label’s head to face the music from the judge chiefly on his own. Unfortunately, a recent courtroom incident has left some speculating on whether the So Much Fun hitmaker will walk away as a free man.

On Thursday (January 19), footage accordingly began circulating online showing co-defendant Kahlieff Adams hand-delivering a Percocet pill to Thugger. As Complex reports, a deputy subsequently took note of the transfer. He promptly confronted the rapper, who evidently didn’t hesitate to hand over the pill.

Afterward, Adams underwent a search for other drugs. Authorities uncovered more Percocet pills, as well as marijuana and tobacco. The latter two were earlier “wrapped in plastic and food seasonings to conceal the odour.”

It’s also been said that the same co-defendant ingested additional contraband in an effort to conceal it. Officers brought him to Grady Hospital, and prosecutors filed a motion asking the court to “make a finding of fact that Court was delayed on January 18, 2023, because of the actions of Defendant Williams and Defendant Adams.”

Young Thug’s lawyer, Keith Adams, has since shared a statement on his client’s behalf. “The reality is Mr. Williams had nothing to do with what went on in the courtroom yesterday,” the attorney later told the media. “One of the co-defendants, on his way to the restroom, attempted to pass something to Mr. Williams, who immediately turned it over to the deputy. Did not know what it was, turned it over to the deputy right away.”

Of course, the footage of the courtroom drama has the internet asking all kinds of questions. While some are convinced that the Atlanta-based artist is a part of a set-up, others believe he may actually be enjoying his time in jail.

“This man Young Thug got caught being passed a perc IN COURT,” one person specifically wrote. “At some time we must revisit the whole ‘Free You’ rhetoric and change it to ‘Wish You The Best, Hope You Learn.’”

Others chimed in with funny reaction videos displaying how they believe interactions between the rapper and his lawyers may have gone earlier this week.

Scroll further to see more comedic Twitter reactions to all the drama. Afterward, you can catch up on the YSL RICO trial’s latest updates here.