Pranksters have been making full-blown careers on YouTube by just trying to make people laugh. It can often become a cluttered space as new hopefuls add their videos to the mix, including 25-year-old Johnson Larose and 24-year-old Charlotte Fischer. Known on YouTube and “Saucy and Honey,” the Pennsylvania pair believed they pulled off a prank at a Target store but instead, the couple now faces prison time.

There was a time many years ago when people were finding internet fame after having themselves locked in department stores. Ikea became a fan favorite as people filmed themselves secretly hiding under beds or in cabinets as employees locked up for the evening.

After companies implemented new policies and law enforcement promised harsher punishments, the trend simply faded away. According to recent reports, Larose and Fischer filmed themselves hiding in a Target as employees closed for the evening. After they were alone, they tripped the alarm and police quickly responded. However, authorities searched the building and didn’t find anyone.

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Meanwhile, Larose and Fischer shared the “24 hour overnight challenge in Target” to their nearly 18K subscribers. While they suggested that stayed the entire evening, security cameras inside said otherwise.

“When you go to burglary call, you have a heightened sense of awareness. Suddenly, you see somebody in there, or maybe they get spooked and run, our officers are well-trained, but it’s not a great situation for anybody,” detective Scott Pezick said. “They weren’t out to harm anybody, but we want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Larose and Fischer face charges of third-degree trespassing. They have been banned from every Target store in Pennsylvania and reportedly face upwards of seven years behind bars if convicted.