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Yung Bleu Gives Virtual Tour Of State-Of-The-Art Moon Boy University Campus



Yung Bleu has completed construction on his state-of-the-art Moon Boy University and he’s just about ready to open the doors on what’s sure to be a creative’s paradise.

Announced last August, Bleu took to Instagram on Sunday (February 5) to reveal the space had been completed. In addition to multiple recording studios, MBU also includes a bowling alley, a basketball court, a pool, a sauna, a massage area, meeting rooms, bunk beds for the homies, a master suite, a gym, a theater, an area to cook in and a roof top bar.

“It’s official! This what I been working on !” Bleu captioned his virtual tour. “My label @moonboyuniv Headquarters/Studio opens in April located the Atl area . and we looking for TALENT and Staff! TAG a artist, Producer , Writer, filmmaker I should sign to my company!”

He continued: “Watch how we take this Moon Boy Brand global I also wanna make this space available for artist creators to book and get a crazy vibe while y’all being creative ! Something I wish they had at most studios . STAY TUNED.”



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Bleu announced construction began on the space back in August, adding that he wanted to have classes there as well.

“Facility for all my Moon Boy University producers, My artist, video production team etc,” he wrote at the time. “Studio , conference room . Video/Movie production room im even gonna start inviting young upcoming producers doing classes etc ! I’m so excited about this @moonboyuniv.”


Yung Bleu has come a long way since he first started releasing music almost a decade ago. Back in June, he revealed his “You’re Mines Still” collaboration with Drake sparked an intense bidding war between record labels, skyrocketing the value of the deals he was being offered.

Bleu began by explaining how he was “hurt” and “didn’t have a lot” after departing Columbia Records in 2019, to the point he contemplated taking an unfavorable record deal that offered him a $250,000 advance for four projects and the rights to his old masters.

Bleu eventually signed an independent deal with EMPIRE, who gave him $150,000 for an EP release with few strings attached. “Enlightened” by such a partnership, he returned to EMPIRE and earned an additional $300,000 for Love Scars: The 5 Stages Of Emotions, which contained the original solo version of “You’re Mines Still.” Shortly after, Drake came calling.

“I was like, ‘Man, if they give me this money for this project, why would I tie myself down?’” he said. “And then they promising me another $300K, so I just made like $450K with them in six months. ‘Shit, this the wave!’ I text Nima [Etminan, CEO of EMPIRE] one day like, ‘Man, Drake told me to send him ‘You’re Mines Still.” He like, ‘Get the fuck out of here.’”


With help from NBA star and fellow Alabama native DeMarcus Cousins, Drake jumped on the remix to “You’re Mines Still” just weeks later, catapulting the song to No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100. That’s when the relatively modest figures Bleu had been offered up to that point skyrocketed to seven figures.

“That’s when I started seeing them real numbers,” he said. “Just to put it into perspective, as soon as the Drake record dropped, I was having bidding wars between $8 and $9 million.”

In fact, EMPIRE even reworked the deal they had with the Moon Boy to reflect his rising stock.

“See, this is why I fuck with EMPIRE because they still had me for another project, so once I did the Drake song, they came back and redid my deal to way more,” he added. “But they ain’t have to, though, because they still had me for the $300,000. A major label’s not finna do that.”