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5 MAJOR Highlights Of Shatta Wale’s ‘Loud In Bukom’ Performance

5 MAJOR Highlights Of Shatta Wale’s ‘Loud In Bukom’ Performance 1

Shatta Wale thrilled a mammoth crowd with back-to-back hit songs from his repertoire at Bukom, a suburb of Accra during the Loud In Bukom Concert.

The biggest event on Ga land which was part of the Homowo festivities was headlined by Ga rapper Tinny and Ghana’s biggest artist, Shatta Wale in what also dubbed father and son affair.

The multiple award winning artiste mounted the stage exactly 3:30am and performed over 100 songs before the organizers begged him to bring proceedings to an end so the fans can go home and rest, funny isn’t it?

We have compiled 5 major highlights of his show which perhaps were missed by the lenses of bloggers and journalists who covered the event.

#1. When it was around 5:30am and Shatta Wale was still performing on stage, he paused his performance and ordered for chewing sponge ‘Taakotsa’ from a woman who was selling it around the square. He bought all the chewing-sponge and threw them into the crowd and said; “We’re now in the morning, we have to brush our teeth, so that we can continue with the show” He tore into pieces and shared with the fans before chewing some. ☺☺?

#2. A guy in the crowd threw a cap with USA ?? flag on it to Shatta Wale on stage and said wale should take it. Wale took the cap and said; “It’s a nice cap though and America too is a nice country, but sometimes too, we should also be proud of our -Made In Ghana- Products ?? Wale made the guy come on the stage and gave him one of his Shatta Movement caps which are Made in Ghana. He put it on the guy and said; “This one is even looking more nice on You”☺☺

#3. A guy wearing T-shirt with Shatta Wale’s photo on it shouted at Wale; “Mi sum)) Bo Wale! ❤” Meaning; “ I love you Wale❤”
Wale noticed him, made him climb the stage and dashed him $100.”

#4. A young boy who had made a sketch of Wale was struggling in the crowd to make his idol see what he has done for him. Finally Wale saw him in the crowd and made his guards help the boy to climbed the stage. Though the sketch was not well done, Wale still collected it from the boy and said he’ll hang them in his room. He then hugged him after which he posed a picture with him on the stage and dashed him ₵200 to buy pencil and other drawing materials so that he can practice more. He said to the crowd; “We should learn how to encourage each other to achieve our goals, Who knows, Maybe when this little boy becomes well polished, his works will reach CNN”☺

#5. Someone threw a silver-chain from the crowd as a gift to Shatta Wale on stage. Wale picked up the chain and said; “I feel emotional right now, even my fans feel like dashing me more Item.


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