Diddy’s relationship vicarious relationship with A$AP Ferg dates back to the initial drafting of the Bad Boy logo, for the longest time a disputed issue amongst the NY families, but not anymore it seems. Diddy, who always regarded A$AP Ferg’s father as an unforgettable childhood friend, had been criticized in the past for neglecting the elder “D-Ferg” before his untimely passing.


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The saga continues

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As of this moment, Diddy signaled an end to the rumored hostilities with a symbolic gesture towards D-Ferg’s son A$AP Ferg, who as the Bad Boy mogul would contend, has done a grand job of carrying on his father’s legacy. Diddy thus presented Ferg with his very own BB chain and pendant. Diddy even paid homage to “D-Ferg” with a tributary speech, with the Bad Boy chain dangling overhead.

“You family, you know what I’m saying,” Diddy motions to the younger Ferg, before gracing him with the illustrious chain. “Me and your pops grew up together.” Ferg would later document the affair in an Instagram clip that he proudly captioned, “The Saga Continues.”