Angelina Jolie defends 'basic rights of men and women in Iran' through social media
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Angelina Jolie defends ‘basic rights of men and women in Iran’ through social media



Angelina Jolie has came forward to defend the basic rights of men and women in Iran.

Jolie recalled the incident that occurred last year in September when a 22-year-old Masha Amini died while being in the country’s police custody while highlighting the current human rights situation in Iran.

Taking it to her Instagram, the 48-year-old humanitarian dropped a showing respect to the courage of Iranian men and women who are fighting for their basic rights and freedom.

She also posted a heart-wrenching picture of a woman whose tears ran down her face in the colours of the Iranian flag.

Jolie, 49, also wrote a note to show solidarity with the citizens of Iran and also gave a special shoutout to people who were imprisoned for reporting on Amini’s last rites.


“Respect and solidarity to Iranian women and men for their courage in defending basic rights and freedoms, and thinking of those imprisoned or facing prosecution – as in other situations where freedom of expression is restricted or denied – including #ElahehMohammadi #NiloofarHamedi #NargesMohammadi #ToomajSalwhi”, wrote the Academy Awards winner.

Angelina Jolie started humanitarian work from Cambodia after the shooting of her 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Later, she connected with the United Nations to help the refugees. She has also been to many field missions in over 30 countries, reports Daily Mail.