Ari Lennox appears to be feeling disrespected once again. This time around, the “Pressure” singer tweeted and deleted a post about never wanting to do an interview again after facing some controversial questions from Podcast and Chill host Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho.

As IOL notes, the South African interviewer has been known to “stir the pot with his line of questioning,” catching his celebrity guests off guard with unexpected – and sometimes inappropriate – inquiries.

When discussing one of her early singles, “Pop,” MacG saw the opportunity to make a reference to some of her raunchy lyrics. The song’s outro finds Lennox singing “If you really love me / I’ll f*ck you good / F*ck you good, f*ck you good / Treat you how you should,” so he pondered if anyone is f*cking the 30-year-old good right now.

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“Oh my God…whoa there!” she said, leaning into the camera with visible concern spreading across her face. “That’s a wild question. Why ask it that way? Whoa,” the Washington D.C. native continued.

When MacG pointed out that Lennox herself said it first in her song, she nearly forgot her own lyrics, but then admitted that she did make some steamy comments on the track.

Earlier today, January 21st, the Shea Butter Baby hitmaker tweeted “and I’m never doing another interview again,” although it was deleted shortly after. In another removed post she wrote, “I been on this sober high for weeks. Genuine gratefulness and happiness. But then… men. Every time… never fails.”

It remains unclear whether all of Lennox’s comments were related to her interview, although it’s clear that she’s made her way back online after announcing a social media break earlier this month.

Check out Ari Lennox’s full appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG below.