Fans of Bebe Rexha have noticed that the singer hasn’t been as active on social media as she usually is, and she has returned with an explanation. Throughout her career, the Popstar has often opened up about personal struggles, including her parents getting COVID-19 as well as her journey after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Rexha has also spoken about her body and is known for showing off her curves online, but in a tearful TikTok video, she revealed her battle with accepting her current weight.

Many singers and Popstars have often come forward with their tales of eating disorders and maintaining a physical frame that the industry demands, and Rexha is seeming feeling the pressure. So much so, that it seemed to have kept her away from uploading images and videos of herself.

“I haven’t been posting as much because I don’t feel good in my skin, and when I don’t feel good, I don’t want to post,” she said. “That’s really honestly the reason I haven’t been posting in the last year or so as much as I used to.” Rexha touched on her previous posts about body acceptance and positivity, mentioning that they came from “a place of hurt and confusion… I don’t know how to help myself anymore or how to love myself.”

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“I think I am the heaviest I have ever been,” Rexha said. “I weighed myself just now, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing the weight ‘cause I feel embarrassed.” Her timelines have been flooded with supportive messages from people who have encouraged her to take care of herself mentally.

Swipe below to watch Bebe Rexha detail her experiences below.