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Beyoncé wants to take THIS unusual item on her Renaissance world tour



Beyoncé has recently been making headlines for her exceptional performances on the Renaissance tour.

Lately, it has been reported that the Crazy In Love singer has garnered her fans attention online by demanding an unusual object on the tour and that’s “a toilet seat”.

A picture of a container from backstage labelled “Beyoncé toilet seats” was shared by The Sun.

A source told the outlet, “Beyoncé is such an elite performer she can literally request anything.”


The superstar, who is accompanied by her daughter Blue Ivy on the tour, has paid thousands to fly toilet seats around the world so she doesn’t have to use a public one.

“Her team makes great effort to ensure she has her own comforts and a personal toilet seat happens to be one,” disclosed an insider.

Source added, “Her tour roadies have seen everything so it’s not a great deal for them, but it does raise a smile from people who happen to catch a glimpse of the branded container.”

Meanwhile, what’s interesting is that Beyoncé uses customised golf buggy which is covered in black sheets to hide her bizarre item when she is moving around backstage.


Moreover, the 41-year-old songstress has a VIP zone for her and her entourage. However, the tour crew are not permitted within 50 metres of the space.