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Bianca Censori’s sister finally breaks silence and reveals thoughts on Kanye West




Bianca Censori's sister finally breaks silence and reveals thoughts on Kanye West 5Bianca Censori's sister finally breaks silence and reveals thoughts on Kanye West 6

Bianca Censori’s family were reportedly concerned for the former model after her whirlwind romance and subsequent wedding with Kanye West

Kanye West had reportedly divided wife Bianca Censori’s family after their quick wedding and outlandish antics on social media.

But now the former model’s sister has finally broken her silence on the ordeal, revealing what she really thinks about her sibling’s spouse Ye. Bianca’s parents were also thought to be worried about their daughter after tying the knot with the controversial rapper.

“It’s all just bulls**t,” claims Censori’s sister Angelina. She slammed rumours surrounding her family’s take on Bianca’s new husband, saying that “nothing” reported on their thoughts and feelings about the Vultures musician are true.

“We all support him. We support his new album,” she told the Herald Sun. “We support his new clothes he’s dropping.” Angelina called Bianca her “best friend and confidante” during the tell-all interview on Friday, adding: “It’s all just bulls**t. There was something about my dad even recently. My dad never talks. Nothing’s true,” she concluded.


Her own parents’ reported concerns were aired last year, after Ye shared a string of near-naked snaps of Bianca on Instagram. Her mum Alexandra was thought to have been left “distressed”, with insiders previously explaining: “Her family and friends are mortified because it just keeps getting worse and worse.”

“Bianca clearly doesn’t realise that what she wore isn’t only disgusting and setting a bad example, but she is also potentially breaking the law,” they told MailOnline. “Meanwhile, Kanye is covered up in five layers of clothes and when his wife looked chilly while naked and wrapped in plastic he didn’t so much as offer her one of his capes.

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“Her parents are so distressed over this because they do not recognize her. She would not be doing this unless she was being controlled. He continues to lock her in by giving her more stake and ownership over various projects that he has going on, including the clothing,” the insider continued, talking about her romance with Kanye.

But Bianca has since muddied these claims herself, recently heading out on several outings with her mum, alongside Kanye. One of the first sightings was earlier this month when the mother-daughter duo were snapped stepping off a private jet with Ye.


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