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Britney Spears’s brother Bryan Spears helps sister in tough times after divorce



Sam Asghari reportedly left Britney Spears alone at her mansion last Wednesday after filing divorce papers. Bryan Spears is said to have stepped in to support his sister now that Britney and Sam had broken up.

Bryan does not appear to be a part of Britney’s family problems, despite reports to the contrary. According to a source, Page Six: “He’s been staying over and helping alongside a therapist.”

It appears that Bryan has a good reputation. He also said that his presence is “a great thing for all of” the family, according to the insider. Britney’s time with her family currently exclusively seems to include Bryan.

According to rumours, Bryan had a wedding invitation from Britney and Sam, but he chose to skip the private ceremony for his daughter’s graduation. He and his fiancée had posted on a joint Instagram account that they were “so so happy for Britney and Sam’s marriage” and lamented they couldn’t make it. However, Britney dispelled such claims in a reply comment.


She wrote: “You were never invited to my wedding so why even respond ??? Do you honestly think I want my brother there who told me no to a Jack and Coke for 4 years … what ???”

Britney added: “You hurt me and you know it.” She said: “I know you’re blood and yes blood runs deep but no family of mine would do what you guys did to me.”

Her brother has often kept his mouth shut regarding the conservatorship and their relationship. In reality, he has just once made a public statement regarding legal disputes. He added that “having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating” on the As Not Seen On TV podcast.

Otherwise, Bryan has stayed largely out of the conflict in the family. Britney’s father and sister are the main targets of her difficult relationships. Her mother has previously apologised to her daughter in front of the public.