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Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes

Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes 1


Memphis police are looking for a group of burglars who stole around $100,00 worth of items from a streetwear store during a smash and grab early Tuesday morning.

Nate Packard who is one of the owners of ‘Bad Timing‘ said the store’s alarm alerted him at around 2 a.m. after the crooks broke out a window in their front doors.

The burglary was all caught on camera and showed the thieves pulling off the heist in less than seven minutes.

Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes 2

“It was definitely organized. They knew what they were doing,” said Packard. “It was like nine people total. They all came in and went straight to the money racks.”

He said the burgers cleaned out two racks that contained one-of-a-kind, vintage designer streetwear.

Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes 3

“So, you are talking about nothing under $200,” said Packard. “The shirts are anywhere from $200-$1,000.”

The burglars can also be seen leaving with shoeboxes from the back of the store but didn’t exactly get what they were after. Each box only contained one shoe because the mate was on display out front.

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“We are stuck with fifty of one shoe,” he said.

Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes 4
Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes 6

‘Bad Timing’ is a buy, sell and trade business. The owners said they also get lots of their vintage t-shirts and streetwear from customers and thrift stores, and their inventory is nearly impossible to replace.

The owners also said it’s likely the thieves will try to sell their clothing online but they aren’t holding out hope of getting much of it back.

“This is the time that any store makes money. It’s Christmas. So, it’s a huge setback,” Packard said. “You can’t even really fathom it at this point.”

Burglars steal $100k in streetwear in minutes 5

‘Bad Timing’ said their insurance will only cover about half of their loss, and they have set up a GoFundMe account. If you would like to help, click here.

If you have any information that can help police find the burglars, call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.


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