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Candace Owens Praises Rihanna At Super Bowl, Condemns Critical Conservatives



No, you didn’t enter the Twilight Zone—Candace Owens is speaking on the Super Bowl and isn’t complaining about the halftime show. Each year, the far-right conservative pundit takes to social media with millions of others to weigh in on the halftime performance. She has either expressed offense or disapproval from previous shows, mostly from women performers, but this time, Owens had a change of heart.

Everyone is chatting about Rihanna’s huge pregnancy reveal, but Owens focuses on the overall fashion choices. “I don’t want to jinx it but—- Rihanna is the first female Super Bowl performer in recent memory that has managed to keep her clothes on,” said the Daily Wire star. “Nudity doesn’t shock me anymore. Self-respect does.”

Many of her conservative followers were surprised by her take. It didn’t take long for them to become critics as they called out all conspiracies that had haunted Rihanna’s career. Still, the headstrong Owens was unmoved and continued to praise Rihanna. Apparently, Kanye West isn’t the only music-centered Hip Hop celebrity she’s grown fond of.

“I’ve always liked Rihanna. Something about her,” Owens added in a later tweet. “How conservatives lose culture: nothing wrong with Rihanna’s performance but finding things wrong anyway.” Still, that didn’t keep critics from mentioning a particular gesture they believed was inappropriate.



Despite the pushback, Rihanna was pleased with her performance. After the show, she was seen being escorted to a backstage area, where she was helped onto a cart. She spoke with awaiting reporters and beamed as she made her way to her private accommodations. A$AP Rocky was a proud partner and father as he watched RiRi from the crowd. Jay-Z was also high in the luxury seats jamming to the halftime show, and daughter Blue Ivy was busy posing with a few of the world’s biggest music stars. Check out reactions to Candace Owens’s tweets below.