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Chris Rock reveals one of his jokes didn’t make it into Netflix Special



Chris Rock has recently shared that one of his brutal was left out of Netflix special.

According to USA Today, the comedian, who appeared at the 24th Mark Twain Prize, shared that he performed the streaming service’s first live set, Selective Outrage in March.

During his stint, Rock also shared joke about Will Smith’s infamous at the 2022 Oscars. But there were few jokes that didn’t make it to the special.

One out of them, in particular, was his “onstage assault to the brutal attack of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband” in October 2022.

“Paul Pelosi (is) the only guy who knows how I felt,” quipped the 58-year-old per outlet.


Rock continued, “Just me and you, Paul.”

Rock made comments in the light of the horrific incident where Pelosi was bludgeoned with a hammer in his home.

Following this attack, Pelosi suffered a skull fracture after which he underwent surgery.

It is reported that he’s on the road to recovery and “doing ok”.

Apart from Rock, other stars also speak up in Adam Sandler’s honour – who received Mark Twain prize for American Humour – included Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and David Spade.