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Chrisean Rock Left Upset After Blueface & Moniece Slaughter Get Chatty In New Podcast Interview



Earlier this year, Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s appearance on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast took the internet by storm. As you may recall, the 22-year-old was forcibly removed from the show’s recording studio after a spat between her and the rapper got out of hand.

Afterward, footage from the intense blowout showed up in the couple’s “Lit” music video. Since then, they’ve seemingly exchanged vows (this footage can be found in their “Dear Rock” visual), but that hasn’t stopped the drama from coming.

For their latest interview, Chrisean and Blueface sat down with The Perfect Network podcast to discuss some things. In some of the clips circulating online, the “Thotiana” artist and the show’s host are being accused of gaslighting the reality star.

“So, if we talking about spirituality, in what ways do you think you could improve spiritually?” Rock was asked. “Self-control,” she immediately responded. To this, the host inquired, “So you do know that is something you should work on?”

The disdain in the Baltimore native’s face is evident as she says, “Yeah, I’ve been working on it.” With a grin and laugh, Rio Harris presses her to explain what ways she’s been improving her toxic traits. His reactions lead Blueface to also giggle, only pushing the “Rainy Days” singer closer to the edge.


“I don’t take no shit, I’m sorry,” Rock says as the two men laugh. “And I’m not sorry at the same time… That’s a start.”


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Later in the same interview, the Baddies cast member found herself upset once again. This time, her frustration came from Blueface getting a bit too chatty with Moniece Slaughter.


During the podcast, the rapper and entertainer were going back and forth about romantic standards, when Rock looked at the camera The Office style to express her disappointment in the situation.

As Blue and Slaughter’s chat continues, the obviously upset social media star smacks her gum, rolls her eyes, and plays with her hair. “Why do you care?” she asks her beau at one point, finally earning her some attention from him.


In the past, Slaughter has never been one to shy away from drama, and her Twitter likes prove that this instance is no different. Following the interview’s release, she showed love to a post reading, “Chrisean DON’T want Mo… Like let’s keep it a buck. That’s why she said it without any bass in her voice… She knows.”

Elsewhere in the news, Chrisean recently shared her thoughts on Lizzo’s Halloween costume. Last October, the “Truth Hurts” songstress dressed up as the Crazy In Love starlet, much to the internet’s pleasure.


She didn’t seem bothered at the time, but Rock’s take on the look has obviously since changed. Read what she had to say here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.