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Chrisean Rock vibes out at the BET Awards



Rock’s protruding belly, however, didn’t hinder her enjoyment of the awards show. The musician was filmed twerking in the audience alongside another artist. Additionally, the “It’s a Vibe” musician was spotted participating in various BET events, engaging in twerking and dancing throughout the entire weekend.

Chrisean Rock is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child with her on and off boyfriend, Blue Face. Rock recently discussed the idea of a home birth during an Instagram Live session. She mentioned observing how hospitals handle newborns and expressed concerns about potential mishandling of her child’s neck.

“I watched how hospitals do it with babies, and they rough! You not about to f**k up my kid’s neck like that,” the soon-to-be mother of one told her followers. “I saw how they do it at home and it looks very gentle, like more your speed.”

During the same live stream, Rock confirmed the results of a DNA test conducted to determine the paternity of her baby. Although she had never doubted that Blueface was the father, BlueFace himself had doubts. Sharing the test results, she stated, “I got the DNA test, it’s his child,” she shared. “It’s funny because when we did the lie detector test, he wanted to record st*ff so bad.”

The news reportedly led the 26-year-old rapper to promise Chrisean that he would treat her better in the future.