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DJ Akademiks Bashes Meek Mill’s New EP ‘HEATHENISM’ For Having Low Streams



DJ Akademiks Bashes Meek Mill's New EP 'HEATHENISM' For Having Low Streams 3

DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill have had a longstanding feud that seems to only grow over time. Saturday (March 2) morning, DJ Akademiks took to Twitter to troll the Philadelphia-bred emcee over his “low” streams on his newest EP, HEATHENISM, featuring Future and Fivio Foreign.

He said in a series of tweets, “The first-day numbers looked ABYSMAL. Wait ’til I report the weekly sales.” Shortly after, he tweeted, “I might be a hater… N**ga I woke up at 6 a.m. to check if all that trolling and killer energy beefing Meek was doing translated to streams. I’m here to report that it didn’t. Tweets went platinum… music is going to go Triple Styrofoam. But I won’t call it too early. Let’s see.”

He continued, “You can’t threaten to come to my house like you a killer, and now I gotta be nice ’bout your trash music,” and “After all that trolling and bunny hopping killer energy by Meek Mill… his EP did a grand total of… wait… wait… wait… 368K streams on the first day on Spotify. It’s roughly 3,500 streams [equals] one album. That’s a grand total of 105 albums sold via streaming on Spotify on day one. Impressive.”

He held no punches, even seemingly throwing shade at Lil Baby in another post, claiming, “Y’all rappers gotta beef wit’ me at the height of your career… I can’t really s**t talk you if your music is selling… well… a n**ga did name-drop me on his album at the height of his career but can’t find a hit since. But still, if you are on the brink of irrelevancy, you need me as a friend.”

Some fans feel that Akademiks is being too harsh, seeing as Meek recently shared on his Instagram Story that he was in a car crash. Shortly after, he hopped on Twitter to seemingly address the accident, saying, “Stop asking me if I’m straight. I’m just gonna play it raw how the world is,” and “I’m blessed I’m okay, but I ain’t hearing nothing good looking!”

On Friday (March 1), Meek Mill debuted his latest project, HEATHENISM. Spanning five tracks, the EP contained guest appearances from former collaborators Fivio Foreign and Future. Production was handled by the likes of CuBeatz, Landstrip Chip and Nick Papz, to mention a few.

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