Donald Trump Might Be Scared Of Kanye West Stealing His Voters In The Election
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Donald Trump might be scared of Kanye West stealing his voters in the election

Donald Trump might be scared of Kanye West stealing his voters in the election 1

Kanye West is currently having an effect among Republicans and conservatives Donald Trump only wishes he had. In fact, he always dreamt of having a similar popularity but he never did. Those who think Kanye West visiting Trump at Mar-a-Lago this week was a showcase of admiration, they clearly didn’t get what Kanye West was trying to do. Simply by looking at Donald Trump’s reactions against the rapper, you can tell he sees West as a threat.

If Donald Trump was the only one running for president for conservatives, he would probably only have to best Ron de Santis. But Kanye West’s announcement and the campaign he already started is a real danger for Trump’s aspirations. Having one too many “conservative” candidates will only divide all of them when they have to vote. Meaning that will inevitably translate into more winning votes for Democrats. If this happens, any hopes for the Republican party will be crushed during this election cycle thanks to Kanye West.

Should Donald Trump be scared of Kanye Weest?

The fact that Kanye West announced his candidacy so early in the game should have every single conservative Republican worried, not just Donald Trump. West has already started touring the country and appealing to desinfranchised conservative Republicans who have been disappointed by Donald Trump’s mistakes during the presidency. He is appealing to people who marched on Charlottesville and are considered white nationalists. And West is also justifying people who were part of the January 6 insurrection, something Donald Trump has hardly done since losing the presidency.

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The more people you see around Kanye West, the clearer it becomes that he is quickly turning into the new strong choice for conservatives and many Republicans too. Even if he runs as an independent, West might get enough power to make a difference in the presidential elections. We are already picturing the rapper during debates against both Democratic and Republican candidates. Even if you don’t like his views, you gotta recognize Kanye West at least is not boring people who follow his surreal life from the last few months.


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