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Drake Asks SZA To Release “Joni”



Drake Asks SZA To Release "Joni" 3

Drake has asked SZA to drop her unreleased track “Joni”. Drizzy posted a picture of SZA’s published snippet on Soundcloud to his Instagram. “My [goat emoji], pls drop this,” Drake added to the image. The song, first teased in 2020 during a Rolling Stone interview, has been partially released as a minute-long snippet online. The trap beat is written from the perspective of Joni Mitchell, the iconic folk musician. It’s unclear whether Drake’s endorsement will see the song finally come to light.

Meanwhile, SZA is at the top of her music game right now. As 2023 ended, “Snooze”, from her 2022 album SOS, was the only single to spend appear on every Billboard Hot 100 chart of the year. “I’m so grateful to everyone in this comment section that streamed and supported me!! GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you so much,” SZA wrote in response to the news.

Drake Tried To Mediate DJ Akademiks’ Beef With SZA


Meanwhile, last year, DJ Akademiks revealed that Drake tried to mediate his beef with SZA. “It was a very polite call. But, you know, they are very close friends and they were doing the album at the time. He wanted to see if there was any middle ground that could be reached. But I just told that it was an axe I needed to grind from a couple years back. I just needed to pop off, I got no issue with her. I love her and I actually went back on my platform and I said that listen, I was sending nothing but love and light,” Akademiks told DJ Vlad.

SZA has been targeted a couple of times by the outspoken DJ, most recently in August of this year. Ak received heavy backlash after fat-shaming SZA on his massive social platform. “Let me keep it a bean, SZA is as fat as me. That’s 100 percent facts. This is why when b-tches call me fat, I be laughing. You wh-res are fat, just like me. […] You suck that fat out of [your chin] and put it into your a– and your a– be looking lopsided. Your belly button be looking weird because they move that b-tch around, it’s like tic-tac-toe,” Ak said in the heavily criticized rant.