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Drake Drops “8AM In Charlotte” Video Ahead Of New Album



The new track marked the latest edition in the Toronto native’s series of time-stamped records, following songs like “4PM in Calabasas” and “5AM In Toronto.” Unique to this entry is the inclusion of Drizzy’s son, Adonis.

In the opening verse, the musician rapped, “It’s weighin’ heavy on my moral scale. Knowin’ they gon’ sell another citizen ‘cane, they think they Orson Welles. Walk in Chanel, they like, ‘How the f**k you need more Chanel?’ I got these cats tuckin’ tails on fourth-quarter sales. I’m used to seein’ tears drop over enormous meals. The restaurant clears out faint echoes of Lauryn Hill. I say, ‘We gotta talk about us,’ I feel like Jordan Peele.”

Elsewhere in the track, Drake also shouted out his business partner, Adel “Future Prince” Nur. The two worked together closely while executive producing HBO’s “Euphoria” as well as the rapper’s Nextflix show “Top Boy.”


He spat, “Been talkin’ to Adel like he majored in finance. Shania Twain, notepad, I’m makin’ it line-dance. You tryna rob me and it’s gon’ feel like you sittin’ at your favorite restaurant, ’cause, n**ga, that’s where you dyin’ at.”

Originally set for Sept. 22, For All the Dogs was delayed due to tour commitments. Drake explained, “Okay, my dilemma I am faced with is either cancel shows to finish the album or I complete the mission and drop the album before the last show. I owe you all these memories we are building.”

His “It’s All A Blur Tour” will end later this month. Interestingly, the LP’s release aligns with two upcoming concerts in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. “Slime You Out” featuring SZA is also confirmed to be on the project.