Drake Pens Message On Instagram About Telling Truths
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Drake Pens Message On Instagram About Telling Truths

Drake Pens Message On Instagram About Telling Truths 1

Drake recently shared a message on his Instagram story about how 2023’s the year for his truths. Moreover, he posted it in classic Drake fashion: the fancy Instagram font, a black screen, and an oddly cryptic message. While people might assume they’re about his fame, artistry, relationships, or advice, Drizzy has… a different idea, apparently.

“Gonna start using 2023 to tell you my truths,” the “Nice For What” MC began. “I have seen more staff and private bathrooms than anybody ever… whenever you are waiting in line to use the bathroom just know there’s an amazing clean private room that they refuse to show you.”

Now, your guess is as good as mine as to what that could mean. Moreover, is he literally talking about the fancy private bathroom, or is he practicing his bars for an upcoming single? Is the fancy private bathroom all the success they don’t want you to have?


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Jokes aside, Drake’s cryptic message was laughed at but also respected, even envied by some. “Is dis rich people problems ? cuz if so i want em,” one user wrote. “[Too] rich for me to understand” another wrote, with a particularly skeptical fan writing “This is not about bathrooms.”

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Still, the 6 God does have a lot of “truths” to talk about, whether it’s his success or his controversies. Most recently, he debuted his “Jumbotron S**t Poppin” video with $3.3 millions worth of Pharrell’s jewelry. While his commercial success in hip-hop and pop is practically undefeated, his cultural impact and status shouldn’t be questioned either.

However, his recent collab album with 21 Savage, Her Loss, got him as many accolades as it did criticism. Subliminal bars aimed at Megan Thee Stallion shook the rap world for some time, dividing many fans. Since then, much of that discussion had died down. Still there’s no denying that Drake has his fair share of things to address. Of course, he doesn’t need to, but I guess it’s up to him to decide what he’ll say this year.

What do you think of Drake’s odd Instagram message and his commitments to his “truths”? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below.


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