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Drake Won His Super Bowl Bet On The Chiefs, But Lost In The Details



Drake won his bet on the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, it was a massive win, as his total payout estimated at $1.47 million. “My psychotic bets for Sunday are in @stake,” he wrote in an Instagram post displaying his predictions. “Pls do not analyze the logic behind these bets there is none.” Moreover, he made some specific bets on certain details of the game, all of which didn’t pan out perfectly. However, it’s still a big cash day for the 6 God, and a monumental night for Kansas City.


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Firstly, Drizzy’s million-dollar payout for the Chiefs victory meant that, overall, he’s a winner first and foremost. Still, looking at his other predictions, curious fans can tally up just how much he earned. For example, he bet $50,000 on Patrick Mahomes being KC’s first touchdown scorer. However, that went to tight end Travis Kelce, so that’s one win, one loss. What’s more is that he also bet (and lost) that JuJu Smith-Schuster would be the Chiefs’ first touchdown scorer, albeit with different odds. Also, unfortunately for the Canadian star’s guess, the Kansas City team did not win both halves, as the Eagles led 24 to 14 at halftime. As such, he lost his bet on his winning team beating Philly in each quarter.


Furthermore, Drake had two final bets: Travis Kelce earning the NFL MVP trophy and a tight end winning the accolade. To his dismay (a very slight one with $1.47 million in his pocket), KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes won the title. All in all, the “Privileged Rappers” MC won the big bet, but lost in the details. Considering his individual stakes for each bet, he lost an approximate $265,000. Of course, when you look at the bigger picture, that means the OVO kingpin won about $1.2 million instead of $1.4. Poor guy, am I right?

Meanwhile, Drake recently appeared in a funny Barstool Sports interview with his son Adonis. While they ironically didn’t talk sports, the cheeky video saw them talk about their father-son dynamic in a comical way. Maybe Adonis will grow up to be a big better (and occasional winner) like his dad. Regardless of how much you won or lost your bet on the Chiefs tonight.