Following the news that a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Live Nation on behalf of Drakeo The Ruler’s child, the late rapper’s brother has also submitted court documents. Earlier this month, we reported on Tianna Purtue, the mother of Drakeo’s son, claiming that Live Nation was “completely knowledgeable of the potential dangers posed to both their guests and the performers they hired based on numerous past incidents of violence and death at their hip hop events.”

This week, it was reported that Drakeo’s brother has also filed a lawsuit, claiming that the Once Upon a Time in L.A. promoters failed to adequately protect the slain rapper. Drakeo was engaged in an altercation backstage when he was reportedly stabbed in the neck, and at this time, it is unclear if authorities have any suspects.

TMZ reported that promoters have been accused of not providing the proper amount of security because Drakeo was allegedly “attacked within minutes of arriving.” The lawsuit reportedly also claimed that the “violent mob attack” that took Drakeo’s life went on for 15 minutes.

“His brother claims the all-access area should have been a safe place, and he’s ripping the promoters for what he claims were “lackadaisical to totally absent” security measures. Drakeo’s bro claims promoters should have braced for the worse because the concert, held at L.A.’s Exposition Park, is in the middle of a gang-infested neighborhood and Drakeo was already the target of gang threats.”

There were reported checkpoints at the festival but while one had a drug-sniffing dog, a metal detector, and a handful of guards, the second was only fitted with “2 unarmed staffers who let anyone in as long as they flashed an all-access pass.” Drakeo was said to have fallen victim to an attack that allegedly included upwards of 100 people.

“Drakeo’s brother and others are suing Live Nation, Snoop Dogg’s LLC and the Los Angeles Football Club … the festival was held at the MLS team’s stadium … and they’re going after them for millions in damages


A spokesperson for the festival told TMZ: “Once Upon a Time in LA joins Drakeo’s family, friends, and fans in grieving his loss. The festival is continuing to support local authorities in their investigation as they pursue the facts.”