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Draymond Green Slams ESPN For Kevin Durant Coverage

Draymond Green Slams ESPN For Kevin Durant Coverage 1

Kevin Durant has requested a trade out of Brooklyn and his decision to do so has led to a ton of discourse. Of course, there are a lot of people out there who believe this is an incredibly weak move, especially since he wants to go to the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns who are two teams that finished first in their respective conferences this year.

For now, it seems like a trade will not be made anytime soon as the Nets are simply asking too much from opposing teams. There is plenty of interest in the superstar, but teams just aren’t ready to mortgage their entire future for someone who is 34 years old and has a history of injuries.

In terms of the coverage surrounding KD, there have been a lot of slick comments made about the superstar. For instance, ESPN’s Sportscenter recently did a segment in which KD was described as “emotional.” This rubbed Draymond Green the wrong way as he took to Twitter and went off on the network for their words.

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“Just watched the anchor on Sportscenter with Nick Fredell discuss KD wanting a trade, and called him emotional,” Green wrote. “Who are you to call someone emotional? What makes you comfortable? Talk BASKETBALL! Computers got y’all overly comfortable.”

Green used to be teammates with KD so it isn’t surprising to see him rush to his defense like that. Clearly, Green was offended by what ESPN said, although we’re sure they will continue to cover the situation as they have been.


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