Fans Think DDG & Halle Bailey Broke Up
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Fans Think DDG & Halle Bailey Broke Up



Another Hip Hop couple may have called it quits—that is if you are to believe the rumors about DDG and Halle Bailey. It was just over a year ago when the pair were rumored to have vacationed together. Soon, they were displaying their love to the public, and while it seemed like an unlikely match, their bond quickly grew on fans. However, things seem to have changed online, and people have speculated as to the status of their relationship.

The rapper recently tweeted, “All these girls the same.” He dropped off a crying emoji and added, “Ain’t no wayy.” Then, people noticed that DDG scrubbed his Instagram clean of memories with Bailey. Further, it looked like they no longer follow one another on Instagram, either. It didn’t take long for social media users to hop online with their takes on what could have happened.

Despite sharing tender moments with the masses, DDG and Bailey were a private couple. They didn’t let the world into too many of their intimate moments, but when they did, they boasted about one another. Back in November, the rapper visited The Breakfast Club and detailed why he was so taken with Bailey.

“I’ve never been with nobody that’s like really motivated me like she do,” he said at the time. “I’m seeing different sh*t. I ain’t really been around this type of sh*t before. So, it’s like, she’s bringing me around sh*t that I ain’t really—you know what I’m saying?” DDG added, “I was my own person before her, but in a way, she put me on to different sh*t. That’s dope because I’m usually the one putting motherf*ckers on.”


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Meanwhile, after unfollowing Bailey, DDG seemingly re-followed after going viral. People also believed he was insinuating that Halle cheated, which didn’t bode over well. It was further noted that DDG isn’t private regarding his love life, but for Halle, this is the first public relationship she’s shared. The rapper earned himself backlash from Bailey’s fans. Check out a few reactions below.



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