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First Miss USA Jackie Loughery passed away



First Miss USA Jackie Loughery passed away 1


Loughery was the first Miss USA to participate in the Miss Universe pageant

Jackie Loughery, former Miss USA and Miss Universe contestant, passed away at the age of 93. Loughery was an actress and the first woman to win the Miss USA title in the year 1952.


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The news were shared on the Miss Universe social media account. “We are sorry to share that Jackie Loughery, the first ever Miss USA, has passed away. Jackie Loughery will be remembered as a woman who made history being the first Miss USA to compete at the first Miss Universe competition in 1952 and a trailblazer in the pageant community,” reads the post. “May you rest in power and peace.”

Viewers shared their condolences in the comments section, sharing how much Loughery meant to them. “A truly beautiful soul for anyone who ever got the chance to be in her presence,” wrote business personality Thom Brodeur. “Rest in peace icon,” wrote Athenna Crosby, the first runner up of Miss World America.


Loughery represented the USA in the first Miss Universe pageant, where she placed in ninth place.

Following her success in the beauty industry, Loughery entered the entertainment world, becoming an actress and appearing in various films. Her credits include “Pardners,” “The D.I.,” and various TV show roles like “Perry Mason.” She was also featured in the game show “Earn Your Vacation,” where she served as Johnny Carson’s assistant.

First Miss USA Jackie Loughery passed away 2

Johnny Carson alongside the show’s hostesses, Millie Sinclar and Loughery

Loughery’s personal life

Loughery married various men over the course of her life. In 1952, she married singer Guy Mitchell. The two divorced in 1955. She then married actor Jack Webb, in 1958, with them getting a divorce in 1964. Her last marriage was with Jack W. Schwietzer, in 1969, with the two remaining married until his death, in 2009.

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