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GO JACKSON! Little People star Tori Roloff’s son Jackson, 6, runs inside home with sister Lilah, 3, after concern over boy’s legs



Tori and Zach share Jackson, Lilah, and their youngest son, JosiahCredit: TLC

TORI Roloff’s son Jackson has appeared in a video of him running around with his sister Lilah, following fans’ concerns over his bowed legs.

The Little People, Big World star posted the sweet clip on her Instagram Stories over the weekend.

It showed the siblings kicking a small orange ball in the living room of the family’s $1 million Battleground, Washington, home.

Jackson, six, wore black sweatpants and a blue hoodie, while Lilah, three, rocked pajamas and sparkly white slippers.

Their father, Zach, 33, was also seen watching the little ones play before eventually joining them.


Tori, 31, could also be heard cheering on the kids as she filmed the moment.

“Lilah keeping up with the boys and in her sparkly slippers,” the TLC star wrote over the clip.

However, fans’ attention might have been more on Jackson as they previously expressed worries over his severely bowed legs.


Last month, Tori posted a pic of her husband and three kids – including their one-year-old son, Josiah.


The group wore matching soccer jerseys after Zach returned home from a soccer-related trip.

But Jackson’s legs raised alarm, with many commenting on how curved they were.

“Is there a reason why Jackson hasn’t had surgery to repair his legs, other than Tori not wanting him to have major surgery?” one fan asked on a popular online forum.

“This picture breaks my heart for him,” said another.


However, Jackson underwent a procedure in 2021, which was documented on LPBW, though they haven’t received any clear results.

“He’s had one surgery, I really think it’s almost pointless ’til he’s not growing so much,” someone else wrote, referencing the surgery.

“I wouldn’t keep putting a child through a horrible surgery that’s extremely painful more than absolutely necessary.”

“It looks painful. Poor kid,” another added.


“Poor thing. I hope it’s better as he grows,” a fifth said.

“He did have surgery a couple years ago. It’s not an immediate fix. As he grows the bowing will slowly get better. Tori’s explained it a few times,” a sixth reasoned.


Tori addressed fans’ comments in July after sharing a post of Jackson playing basketball with his father.

“Dear Lord, please guide Tori and Zach to the right doctor to fix Jackson’s legs,” one critic remarked.


“Every time I see them, they’re getting worse and worse and worse and that poor little guy has to be in pain from walking on his ankles essentially…”

Tori quickly responded by defending her parenting choices and insisting her son was not suffering.

“Not once has my son ever complained or said he was in pain because of his legs. He is under the care of the best doctors and loving parents. Take this stuff elsewhere,” she wrote.

Jackson again appeared in good spirits in recent photos with his sister and brother to celebrate Lilah’s birthday.


Fans have said that Jackson’s legs looked ‘painful’ with their extreme curveCredit: Instagram/toriroloff

Tori and Zach share Jackson, Lilah, and their youngest son, JosiahCredit: TLC