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Harrison Ford says he talks to Tom Cruise about flying



Harrison Ford revealed in a recent interview that he likes Tom as a person and that the two frequently discuss flying while speaking about their relationship with Tom Cruise, according to Fox News.

Harrison added that he and Tom talk to each other about flying as both have had their pilot’s licenses for decades. Harrison stated that Tom is much ahead of him in physical acting and that he takes it to the next level.

Harrison said, “I like Tom. We talk about flying. But he’s far deeper into physical acting than I ever was. I don’t mind running, jumping, falling down, rolling around on the floor with sweaty guys. Tom takes it to a whole new level that’s pretty amazing.”

Harrison also talked about his 2015 crash when he shattered his pelvis while flying a WWII-era plane. Harrison revealed that his wife doesn’t fly with him in vintage planes after the crash.


Harrison said, “My wife does not fly with me in vintage aeroplanes anymore — she will in others.”