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Harry Styles left embarrassed in front of childhood crush Jennifer Aniston as his pants split during LA concert



Harry Styles was humiliated while performing in front of his childhood crush Jennifer Aniston at one of his concerts.

According to Daily Mail, on January 27, Harry Styles suffered from a wardrobe malfunction during his concert in Los Angeles, where he ripped his pants down the middle as he attempted a dance move for the song Music For A Sushi Restaurant.

Harry hilariously apologised to the audience, where Jennifer Aniston was also present, especially the crowd in the front row.

The 28-year-old singer addressed a man in the crowd and quipped, “You sir, are you OK? I promise it’s not part of the show.”

As per the outlet, Harry covered his ripped Gucci pants with a pride flag tied around his waist.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Harry Styles’ pants rip right in front of his first celebrity crush Jennifer Aniston…Custom Gucci pants. Not sure Gucci wanted this sort of ‘exposure’ but here we are.”


Another commented, “Harry Styles’ pants had no chance once he went for that move,” and a third, “Harry Styles ripping his pants with Jennifer Aniston in the audience.”