Late 28-year-old rapper Drakeo The Ruler was one of the leading voices in West Coast hip-hop, becoming one of Los Angeles’ top rappers since Snoop Dogg in recent years. Over the weekend, he was brutally killed backstage at a music festival in LA, being fatally stabbed in the neck. His death has sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community, and those close to the rapper are suggesting that YG, a fellow LA-based rapper who had beef with Drakeo, could have been implicated in the fight that broke out before Drakeo’s stabbing.

As we wait for more information about the circumstances that led to Drakeo’s killing, a candlelight vigil was recently held for the late rapper in his community. Fans of Mr. Mosley spelled out “Drakeo” with candles and gathered to honor the life of the great young star. Hundreds could be seen looking on and taking part in the ceremony.


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On Wednesday, we published our final interview with Drakeo, which was conducted following his performance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles a few weeks ago. In the interview, Drakeo spoke about how grateful he was to have a platform, especially remarking how proud he was to be a leading voice on the West Coast.

Rest in peace, Drakeo. Watch the candlelight vigil footage below.