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If it is not 100 percent, it is not love – Counselor Adofoli

In life, truth has no substitute, it’s either the truth or a lie, same way real has no counterpart. It’s either real or fake. When it comes to love, it’s either true love or fake love. Love has nothing to measure in percentages. God didn’t love us because of how we treated Him or behaved towards Him. It was His choice to love us despite our shortfalls.

When it comes to relationships, love is a choice. A personal decision to love someone. There is no device in the world for measuring how much love one has for another, except for the person actions. How one treats you shows whether they love you or not.

It is so funny when people who claim they are in love ask themselves how much their love is, and the answer they give to each other is in percentages. I hear some people say they can only give 90% of their love to their partner. They cannot give all their love. They do that because they are afraid of broken heart.

The Bible says “A real love for others will chase those worries away. The thought of being punished is what makes us afraid. It shows that we have not really learned to love” – 1 John 4:18 (CEV).

What such a partner is saying is that my love for you is not pure, it’s not real, it’s not complete. What it also means is that this person just does not love you. And for those who say “I know he or she loves me, but I think it’s 45%”. What you are saying is, your partner does not love you.

People might like you and not love you. It’s possible for someone to have strong feelings for you, but that is not love; and it is also possible for someone to have less feelings for you, which is also not love.

When someone says they love you, they are just saying they see you as a very important person in their lives. Amongst all the people in this life, you have the number spot and they treat you as such. They see you as such. They will go out loud for you or give their best and all to you on any day.

They care more about you and have the highest respect for you. They are loyal to you and treat you special. You are one of a kind in their lives. They give you their 100 percent. This is the one who truly loves you and never gives up on you.

When someone loves you, their words match their actions. When they tell you, I will be there 6pm, they will be there. I will call you back, they will call you back. They don’t lie to you, keep you in the dark or cheat on you. The one who doesn’t love you tell you “I love you”, but their actions are different. “I love you but I can’t stop with the other lady”. What he is telling you is that, the other lady is as important as you and he can’t leave her for you. You are not the most important. He might like the two of you but not love any.

With such a person, when they need you, you make time out of your busy schedule to see them, but when you need them, they suddenly become busy. Before you tell someone you love them, make sure it’s true, ask yourself if you can give your all which is 100 percent. If you can’t, don’t worry them. When you are in love, you give your all. It is a two-way affair; for it becomes painful when it’s one way, but beautiful when its both ways.

To avoid disappointment, do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return. And if you are giving your all but it’s not enough, what that means is, you are giving it to the wrong person.

In conclusion, “Your love must be real. Hate what is evil. Do only what is good” – Romans 12:9 (ERV).

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