Australian-born hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea has been laying low for the last few months, taking a break from her music career as she looks to establish herself in other business fields. The star’s temporary time away from the music industry has done her well, allowing fans the time and space to miss her and realize that, over the years, Iggy has been mistreated by the general public on many occasions.

It feels as though the tide is turning for Iggy Azalea, with many of her critics realizing that they may have been a little too critical of the 31-year-old mother-of-one. Sure, she’s delivered some pretty questionable freestyles and hasn’t always been the best representative of hip-hop culture, but did she really deserve all of that unwarranted hate?

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As she enjoys her break from releasing new music, Iggy has been keeping her fans updated with regular posts on social media. On Wednesday evening (March 23), she took her son, Onyx, to get new passport photos, documenting the journey on Instagram and sharing their photos with the world after they were taken.

Considering we haven’t seen many close-up shots of Baby Onyx, this is a big moment for fans of Iggy Azalea, who are getting a new look at her adorable son with Playboi Carti. Onyx has the cutest curls in his hair, giving the camera a little smile as he gets prepared to travel the world with his jet-setting mother.

Take a look at the latest pictures of Iggy Azalea and her son Onyx below. Do you think he looks more like Iggy or Carti? Let us know in the comments.