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Inside Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Life With Their Baby Boy: ‘They Are Taking Things Day by Day’



Sources spoke to Entertainment Tonight and People about how the couple feels as they get to know their baby and readjust as parents to a newborn. Barker’s youngest child from his previous marriage is 18, while Kardashian’s youngest of her three children with ex Scott Disick is 8.

Kardashian and Barker are “so elated,” a source told Entertainment Tonight yesterday. “They’re feeling extremely fortunate that both Kourtney and their baby are healthy after the complications Kourtney went through.” Kardashian needed urgent fetal surgery during her pregnancy.

“They recognize that the circumstances could have been a lot different, so they are feeling extra appreciative and grateful that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy,” the source continued. “That is what’s most important to them.”

While there were “naturally worries and anxieties,” now she and Barker “feel like they can take a step back, breathe, and enjoy. They are taking things day by day and looking forward to this new chapter outside of their lives as a married couple. They can’t wait to build a new life and make memories together as a bigger family.”

After what Kardashian went through during her pregnancy, a source told People that “she is happy to just be able to snuggle her baby boy now. She feels so blessed.”


Barker himself “keeps being amazing,” the source said. “He brings her favorite, healthy food to the hospital. He makes sure she has everything that she needs. He is obsessed with their baby boy.”

The couple has yet to publicly announce their son’s birth or share details themselves.