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‘It Could Have Been Me’: Past Victim of Audri Cunningham’s Alleged Killer Details Attack: Report



'It Could Have Been Me': Past Victim of Audri Cunningham’s Alleged Killer Details Attack: Report 1

Carissa Davis (L); Audrii Cunningham (R). PHOTO: ABC13; POLK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

Carissa Davis was assaulted and chased around by Don Steven McDougal when she was 10, she told ABC 13

A woman who was a victim of Audrii Cunningham’s alleged killer is speaking out about the assault she suffered at his hands.

Carissa Davis was 10 years old in 2007 when Don Steven McDougal, now 42, assaulted her at a family event, she told ABC 13. He was convicted of enticing a child in connection with the incident when he pleaded no contest to two counts, KHOU 11, NBC 15 and Houston Public Media reported, citing court records.

McDougal is now charged with capital murder in connection with Audrii’s death.

Davis and McDougal crossed paths during a gathering at Davis’ uncle’s house in Brazoria County, Texas, in March 2007, according to ABC 13.

McDougal’s sisters were attending the gathering because they were friends of Davis’ family, she recalled, and the sisters brought McDougal along.
At night, when Davis was asleep next to her cousin, McDougal walked into their room, she said. He pushed her cousin away and approached Davis on the bed.

“[He] tried to take down my pants, and I immediately jumped up at that moment,” Davis told ABC 13.


When she tried to escape, McDougal followed her.

“He grabbed me, and when he did, I just swung my arm, and I hit him,” she said.

'It Could Have Been Me': Past Victim of Audri Cunningham’s Alleged Killer Details Attack: Report 2


McDougal, who was in his 20s at the time, continued to look for Davis around the house, she said, per the outlet. She managed to find her aunt and tell her she was afraid of him before he could find her.

Davis said that on the night of the incident, everyone in the home was asleep — and she could have met Audrii’s fate, per ABC 13.

“I mean, my uncle’s backyard was the woods. I mean, it could have been me,” she said.

At the time, McDougal received a two-year prison sentence following his conviction, records show, Houston Public Media and FOX 26 reported.
Davis believes McDougal should have been behind bars for much longer — and the fact that he wasn’t allowed for Audrii’s killing to take place.

“I think Brazoria County definitely failed me and failed Audrii and possibly more,” she said.


McDougal had lots of contact with Audrii prior to the girl’s death. He lived in a trailer on her family’s property and was often tasked to take care of her or bring her to school, authorities said previously.

Audrii was last seen near her residence at about 7 a.m. in Livingston, Polk County authorities said in a press release on Feb 16.

Her body was recovered in a river on Tuesday. Audrii’s body was tied to a large rock”with a rope that was “consistent” with rope found in the suspect’s car days earlier, states a charging document reviewed by PEOPLE.
McDougal remains in custody in Polk County. It isn’t clear if her has entered a plea or retained an attorney on his behalf.

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