Jake Sully May Be A Bad Father, But He Is A Hot Blue Daddy
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Jake Sully May Be a Bad Father, but He Is a Hot Blue Daddy

Jake Sully May Be a Bad Father, but He Is a Hot Blue Daddy 1

Oh no, I’ve fallen for Jake Sully again. Sam Worthington strikes again! When the first Avatar movie came out, those of us attracted to men had to question whether or not we wanted to rally behind our love for Jake Sully. I clearly did but through the last thirteen years have forgotten my love for Jake. Luckily, Avatar: The Way of Water said, “Remember how Jake Sully is hot as both a human man and a Na’vi?” and then turned the dial on his hotness up to eleven. Meaning they’ve made him a hot dad. And so this, my friends, is a simple exploration of the one fact we all should know coming out of The Way of Water: Jake Sully is a hot blue daddy.

Now, Jake Sully is not a great dad. In fact, he’s pretty bad at it and is constantly messing up and then instantly making the same mistake not that long after. He’s a mess and someone who probably needs to be sat down and talked to about the responsibility he puts onto his kids, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is, in fact, a hot dad. Just a hot bad dad. But still, hot.

Yes, Jake Sully Is Hot. No, I’m Not Sorry About That.

This time around, Jake is just a Na’vi the entire time which was gifted to us by the end of Avatar when he and his Avatar became one. So we just get to see a blue hottie throughout the three-hour runtime and as someone who has now seen this movie three times, I need someone to help me. I noticed he had a cute little mole on his stomach the third time around and said, “WHY!” out loud. It’s just that he’s so hot!

For the most part, Jake is strong and powerful and doesn’t care about anything other than keeping his family safe. And that sometimes backfires because he’s so caught up in making sure they’re out of harm’s way that he doesn’t actually connect with his boys and show them love. He fights with Neteyam (James Flatters) and Lo’ak (Britain Dalton) and while Lo’ak fights back a lot, Neteyam just tries to be the perfect son for his father, and it takes Netyiri (Zoe Saldaña) to bring him back to earth. Which brings us to another reason why he’s hot: He unabashedly loves his wife. He is, for lack of a better term, a wife guy, and even when he’s being rude to her and apologizing for her when he shouldn’t, he still has to pay for it later.

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We Don’t Forgive Bad Dads, But They Can Be Hot

And, yes, Jake loves his family. He’s just…not great at it. But that doesn’t mean he’s not still a “daddy” which doesn’t always hinge on your ability to actually parent. Daddy is a state of mind and Jake has it.

There is a phenomenon out there about dads. Whether it is those who adopt children in media and take them under their wings or those dads who maybe are struggling with their own kids, we love them. And Jake tries, and he just is too much of a jarhead (his words) to figure out how to be a good dad without treating his sons like part of a platoon instead of his family. Netyiri even points it out to him at the beginning of the movie, and he’s still bad at it!

But hey, at least we have moments when Jake Sully is riding the weird sea dragon or when he is so sad at the end of the movie and is somehow hot about it to remind us that he is, in fact, a blue daddy and that’s a gift to us all.


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