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Jamie Foxx commemorates recovery milestone with celebration amid ongoing outpatient rehabilitation



Jamie Foxx, the renowned actor, is currently celebrating his ongoing recovery from a medical emergency he encountered in April.

The news of his improved condition was initially disclosed by his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who mentioned that her father had “experienced a medical complication.”

A reliable source has informed PEOPLE that Foxx, 55, “has been working really hard these last couple of months to get back to normal and has greatly improved since he first got to the facility.”

In a recent development, Foxx hosted a celebratory event at the Chicago-based rehab center he has been attending. While the actor is on the path to recovery, the source states that Foxx continues to undergo outpatient rehabilitation.

On April 11, Foxx suffered a medical complication while he was filming the Netflix movie Back in Action in Atlanta.

Providing an update a month later, Corinne revealed that Foxx had been discharged from the hospital for several weeks and was in the process of recuperating. In fact, he was even able to enjoy a game of pickleball, showcasing his positive spirits and progress.


Recently, Foxx was spotted engaging in a doubles match of pickleball alongside a companion. Observers noted his high energy and apparent well-being during the friendly game against two opponents.