Jay-Z Sits Courtside As LeBron Breaks Scoring Record
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Jay-Z Sits Courtside As LeBron Breaks Scoring Record



Jay-Z has always proven himself to be a huge basketball fan. Whenever there is a big game, the legendary artist can typically be found sitting courtside. Overall, he has shown himself to be a huge LeBron James fan. Luckily for Jay, this is typically a great place to be as LeBron is always accomplishing something new. Additionally, he is one of those players who is just incredibly exciting to watch, and Jay knows that. Needless to say, if Jay is every going to be at a game, it is probably going to involve the Lakers in some capacity.

As it pertains to LeBron, the NBA legend has been trying to chase down Kareem’s scoring record. This is one of the most coveted records in the history of the NBA. No one knew if it could ever be broken, however, LeBron ultimately proved that it is indeed possible. Although, you need to have amazing longevity and consistency in order to do it. Last night, James needed 36 points in order to break the record. He averages 30 points per game, so fans felt like it was unlikely for him to do it. However, he proved everyone wrong by scoring 36 points in just three-quarters of action.

Jay-Z In Attendance

In the video up above, you can see that Jay-Z was in attendance for the match. Courtside seats were extremely coveted as it pertains to this match. After all, breaking the scoring record is a huge moment, and people wanted to see LeBron do it. Luckily, the fans were greeted with a fantastic show. It also helps that LeBron’s record-breaking basket was a gorgeous fadeaway that didn’t even touch the rim.


As you can see in another video down below, LeBron was quick to meet up with Jay-Z courtside. The two gave each other a long embrace, and they were clearly excited about the meet-up. LeBron is someone who has received a ton of support from celebrities throughout his career, and that was especially true on Tuesday night. For Jay-Z. this is one of those special moments he will remember for the rest of his life.

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