Jodie Sweetin Pokes Fun at Sizzler in New Commercial: It’s ‘Still Open’
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Jodie Sweetin Pokes Fun at Sizzler in New Commercial: It’s ‘Still Open’

Jodie Sweetin is reminding everyone that Sizzler is still around — and so is she — in a cheeky new ad for the restaurant chain.

In 1987, the same year she began playing Stephanie Tanner on Full House, the actress starred in a Sizzler ad. A young Sweetin adorably stuffed shrimp in her mouth as a voice chided, “Jodie, is your plate still full?”

Now, for the new commercial, Sweetin, 41, appears in one of the chain’s eateries, proclaiming, “I started my career here at Sizzler, and I’m here to tell you, it’s still as good as ever. Sizzler, that is. And my acting.”

Sweetin continues, “Sizzler’s always been something that everybody can enjoy. And it’s about time you celebrated it. My career. I mean, Sizzler.”

“The steak, seafood, and salad bar have always been popular with families … just like my comedic timing,” she adds before an awkward pause.

Sweetin goes on to assure viewers that Sizzler prepares its meat fresh daily, because yes, they are still a functioning restaurant chain.

“I can look fresh daily too,” she says. “I just have to get up a little earlier. So, you know, give me a heads up. And remember, Sizzler is many things, but most importantly, still open.”

The Sizzler campaign, titled “Still As Great As Ever,” comes nearly three years after the brand filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement shared with PEOPLE, Sizzler’s marketing director Sasha Shennikov confirmed that “Hey. We’re still here.”

The California-based restaurant operates over 80 franchise locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, according to their website.

“What was true in 1987 is true today and will be true decades from now — Sizzler is the space where families come together to celebrate each other and eat good food at a great price,” Shennikov added in the statement. “It was time to remind everyone.”

Sweetin is no stranger to revisiting her childhood roles. She reprised her most famous character on the Netflix reboot Fuller House from 2016 to 2020, more than two decades after the original Full House ended its eight-season run on ABC.

Sweetin also showed off her comedic chops on the Pop TV series Hollywood Darlings, in which she played an exaggerated version of herself alongside fellow child stars Christine Lakin and Beverley Mitchell for two seasons, beginning in 2017. More recently, she’s been performing comedy at venues around Los Angeles.


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