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Julia Fox Almost Killed Drug Dealer After Friend Overdosed



She dated Kanye West for about a month and now Julia Fox has become a household name. The actress wasn’t necessarily unknown before her whirlwind romance with Ye, but she certainly didn’t have the visibility she has now. Quickly, Fox has moved from a Hollywood starlet to a fashionista who is seen sitting front row and some of the world’s most coveted runway shows. Additionally, her podcast is a success, her interviews are often outlandish, and her social media reveals become trending topics.

This time, Julia Fox caught up with Elle magazine to once again detail her rise. She praises herself as a feminist who is vehemently pro-women, and prior comments she made during an interview arose. At the time, she was asked if she believed it was acceptable for women to kill men. “I think that if the man deserves it, yeah, why not? Men kill women all the time for no reason,” Fox answered.

With Elle, she was questioned about that response. Fox revealed that she had an encounter with a man she believed did deserve to lose his life at the hands of a woman. The actress claimed she had a friend who died of an overdose, so she tracked down the drug dealer who gave her the substance. Fox took her late friend’s gun, stalked the dealer’s neighborhood, and waited for an opportunity.

“I would literally, like, sit across the street in my car, put the seat all the way down,” Fox said. “And watch him through the little side mirror for hours, like coming and going.” She further added that she learned her friend died of a mix of several substances, not just what the dealer gave her. “I’m glad I didn’t kill him.”


Fox has been relatively candid about her past struggles with drug addiction. It wasn’t until her social media fallout with former friend Azaelia Banks did detail emerge. Banks trolled her, but Fox took it in stride, admitting to being a drug abuser but maintaining that she’s sober.