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Karlissa Saffold Reacts As Chrisean Rock Continues To Be Accused Of Giving Her Baby Fetal Alcohol Syndrome



Karlissa Saffold is someone who is not shy to speak up when it comes to her son Blueface, and his relationships. Overall, she is not too fond of Chrisean Rock. She believes that Chrisean is bad for Blue and needs to go away. However, Blue does not care much for his mom and her opinion. Instead, he is doing his own thing, and is back with Rock amid his stay in L.A. County Jail. Needless to say, there is a whole lot of drama between these three, and that is certainly not changing, anytime soon.

Yesterday, we reported on a recent video that went viral in which Chrisean Rock could be seen holding her baby. Screenshots from the video hit social media and they subsequently led to allegations of the child having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Although the fans saying this are not doctors, they tried to use all kinds of charts to prove this to be the case. Chrisean as yet to comment on the situation, which has led to more anxiety. Now, Karlissa Saffold is weighing in, and she is just as curious as the fans on social media.

Karlissa Saffold Speaks

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Despite Chrisean Jr. being her grandson, Saffold reveals that she has not been told anything about his condition. Neither Chrisean nor Blue have told her anything in regard to the baby’s health. That has left Saffold guessing to his condition. However, she did note that it is all in god’s hands and that she wishes the baby well. At the end of the day, Saffold understands that only Chrisean knows what is happening and that we all just have to wait on her for any official updates.

It remains to be seen if Chrisean will comment on the situation. Regardless, there are lots of fans out there with some genuine concerns. Let us know your feelings on this situation, in the comments section below.