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Khloe Kardashian looks like ‘new person’ after years of enhancements, says surgeon



Khloe Kardashian’s recent appearance on the streets of Los Angeles left plastic surgeon convinced that she’s “almost unrecognizable”.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Daniel Barrett said that the reality star appears to have gone through “subtle enhancements throughout the years”.

“Khloe was open about her recent rhinoplasty. However, in these recent photos, she looks almost unrecognizable,” he said.

“This looks like a combination of her rhinoplasty as well as added fillers.

“The space between her nose and lip looks longer, which is a combination of ageing as well as a result of a smaller nose. This can create a more ‘done’ look or an overall less natural appearance,” he added.


The surgeon noted that the filler and rhinoplasty are “the most apparent” and “most noticeable at a glance.”

“Khloe definitely looks like a new person. She has done subtle enhancements throughout the years, which ultimately result in a more ‘done’ overall appearance,” he added.