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Khloe Kardashian seemingly responds to Tristan Thompson reconciliation rumours



Khloe Kardashian seemingly responded to rumours about her reconciliation with serial cheater ex-beau Tristan Thompson.

The reality TV star dropped cryptic messages on her Instagram stories amid speculations that she is back together with NBC player following his mother’s death.

“Work on yourself & vibe alone for a while. Every season don’t need company,” the Good American co-founder shared a quote.

Another quote posted on her profile read, “The most beautiful would you will ever find is one who has experienced loss but chooses to love, one who has experienced tragedy but continues to have faith, and one who has experienced failure but continues to pursue their dreams. – Dane Thomas.”

“Before you go to bed tonight, call back your energy and power and declare that tomorrow will be a great day!” the last post read.


This comes after Khloe accompanied Tristan post his mother Andrea Thompson passed away due to a heart attack.

She was later seen with him again when he was taking his younger brother, who suffers from epilepsy, to a medical facility.

Following Khloe’s visit, a friends of hers told The Sun that people close to The Kardashians star think she has forgiven the sports star for infidelity.

“Everyone thinks they’re back together – but if you ask her, she says they are just co-parents and nothing more,” said the pal.

“They are always together, and very much a unit – she tries to put it down to the fact they have two children together, and as such are best friends, but it’s obvious now that it’s more than that.


“Otherwise she would not be by his side on this trip, acting like she’s his ‘other half’,” the source said.

“I don’t think she’ll admit it yet – it makes her look weak taking him back after he humiliated her so badly before.”