Like many of us, La La Anthony has spent the first day of 2022 reflecting on the tumultuous year that we’ve just left behind us while getting clear on what she hopes to bring in more of with this fresh start. In a new Instagram post, the mother of one got vulnerable with her 12.6 million followers about what she’s got in store for the forthcoming months.

“I brought in the New Year a little different this year,” she began. “Kept things calm which is not my usual AT ALL lol but instead of being down about it I had to remind myself maybe that’s exactly what I needed. Time to myself and time with me and Kiyan just to reflect and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives.”

The TV star revealed that she spent her evening writing down “goals and manifestations,” then went on to wish everyone “an amazing New Year with more LOVE more BLESSINGS, GOOD HEALTH and most of all HAPPINESS. Love y’all so much,” she told her fans, thousands of whom have double-tapped the selfie and left the 42-year-old supportive comments.

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In case you missed it, La La and her husband Carmelo Anthony announced their divorce not long ago, with the entertainer admitting that she was “caught off guard” by the whole thing. She subtly addressed her life as a single woman in her recent Instagram post, admitting that she hopes to bring in love that looks like Ciara and her NFL husband Russell Wilson’s, or even one of the characters from Issa Rae’s hit show, Insecure.

“PS. I saw what YOU did for Ciara (I mean I was around for that) and what you did for Issa and Molly from Insecure sooooo… Yeah [you] know the rest,” she concluded her reflective post; check it out below, and read more about C and R’s coveted relationship here.