Lakers Reportedly Targeting This Young Knicks Star
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Lakers Reportedly Targeting This Young Knicks Star



If you are a Lakers fan, you know that your team is in need of some help right now. They are starting to fall behind in the Western Conference, and it is going to take a small miracle to actually make the playoffs. Overall, it is just a negative situation, especially with Anthony Davis gone.

In just a couple of weeks from now, it will be the trade deadline. Of course, the trade deadline is one of the best opportunities for a team to get better. However, it will be hard for the Lakers to do anything as their assets have dwindled over the last few years.

Lakers & Knicks

According to Sean Deveney of, the Lakers are reportedly looking toward a young player for the New York Knicks. That player just so happens to be Cam Reddish. Reddish is a player who some feel hasn’t truly gotten a fair shake with the teams he has played for.

Moreover, in terms of assets that would be going back to New York, it is believed that Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn would have to be part of the deal. Overall, this is not the biggest trade the Lakers could do, however, every little bit helps at this point.

LeBron James wants to win his fifth title, and the Lakers cannot do it as presently constructed. However, it’s hard to see Reddish truly moving the needle here. No matter what, the Lakers need more.


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