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Latto Says She Wants To Do A “Music and Business” Collaboration With Rihanna: “Call Me, Girl”



“Business, RiRi… I just feel like she touched our generation in a whole different way. I feel like women like me, who might have a little motion going on, she showed us that it’s possible for us to take it to a whole different level,” Latto said.

She added, “So definitely RiRi. Music and business. What’s up, RiRi? Call me, girl. I did a song with Mariah Carey. I did a song with Christina Aguilera. I did a song with Lil Wayne. It’s so limitless. I feel like anything could happen.”

The “Big Energy” rapper’s desire to partner with Rihanna isn’t far-fetched, as she’s been an official Savage X Fenty ambassador for quite some time.

In her conversation with the business magazine, Latto also spoke about her growth since “The Rap Game” and being Grammy-nominated in 2022. Additionally, she dropped hints about what to expect from her forthcoming studio album. Check it out below.


On Tuesday (Nov. 28), Latto shared a message for her detractors in a since-deleted tweet after landing the “30 Under 30” list. She wrote, “First it was, ‘All yo’ fans [are] kids,’ then my fan base matured. Next, it was, ‘[You] don’t even got no song on the radio,’ then I got a Top 10 record [on the] radio. Now it’s, ‘You a D-list celebrity,’ so when I’m a Forbes list celebrity, I want y’all to suck my d**k on yo’ knees [real] sloppy h**.”

Other notable names featured on this year’s slate include Ice Spice, Angel Reese, and Druski, to name a few.

On the topic of dream collaborations, Latto expressed her wish to work with André 3000 during her XXL cover story earlier this month. She told the publication, “I want to bring André 3000 out of retirement. I got a song for André right now that will go so f**kin’ crazy.”