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LeBron James calls Lionel Messi the GOAT after insane free kick goal in Inter Miami debut



On hand for Lionel Messi’s first game with Inter Miami on Friday, James — who knows a thing or too about draining game-winners in Miami — couldn’t hold back his excitement after Messi floored everyone in the stadium with a stunning walk-off game-winning goal.

Ninety-fourth minute. Final play of the game. To break a 1-1 tie. In front of a delirious crowd.

If the expectations weren’t already out of control for Messi coming to America, this will only serve to ratchet it up to the nth degree.


And for his part, James appeared just as giddy as everyone else, posting stories throughout the night on Instagram, including one shot of him calling the Messi the GOAT followed by another showing the highlight with the caption simply stating “WOW WOW WOW.”

I’m not here to litigate any GOAT debates.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Team LeBron or Team Jordan, Team Messi or Team Ronaldo or whoever else you want to insert into your respective GOAT conversation. And oh, by the way, Tom Brady and Serena Williams — two more GOATS — were in the arena for Messi’s debut.

James and Messi embraced prior to the start of the game with the former Heat superstar sitting in a box right next to the Inter Miami bench. If Friday was any indication, this won’t be the last time James is spotted at a Messi game which, in a mere 90 minutes, cemented itself as the latest can’t-miss attraction in North American sports.