Destiny’s Child has had quite a few members, but from beginning to end there has always been Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. During one rotation of singers, Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin were the two new girls on the block, but before fans could get used to Farrah’s presence, she disappeared from sight.


“Farrah had no idea that this required being a member of the No. 1 female group in the world, [that this] required this amount of work, this amount of dedication, and commitment,” Mathew Knowles told VladTV. “She just didn’t know it required that. That’s the number one reason why. We can say all the other things, she was partying a lot. I think she said she was sick. But at the end of the day, she had no idea that it required this amount of work.”

Vlad mentions that in his book, Mathew wrote that while the girls were on tour, Michelle let him know that Farrah was sneaking out at night to hit up the clubs. The host called Michelle a snitch, but Mathew said she “was looking at the bigger picture,” which was “what was best for the group.” He said the girls always saw themselves as a team so he admired her for stepping forward and wouldn’t consider her to be a snitch.

How Farrah parted ways with Destiny’s Child is still a mystery, but Mathew shared his version of the story. According to him, Beyoncé and Michelle had “repeatedly” called Farrah but couldn’t get ahold of her. There was an event scheduled in Seattle with the city’s top pop radio station and they needed Farrah to take to the stage, but because she ghosted them all, the ladies performed as a trio.

The group headed to Los Angeles to hop on a flight to Sydney, Australia for another show, and once they landed at LAX, Farrah finally picked up the phone and told them she quit the group. According to Mathew, when Farrah decided to give up her Destiny’s Child life, she turned her back on $50 million because she didn’t like how he would occasionally “get loud” with her. Watch Mathew’s clip below.