Meghan Markle, Prince Harry left with one choice to salvage careers
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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry left with one choice to salvage careers



Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are understood to be in “freefall” as they scramble to make money outside of “slagging off” the Royal Family.

Speaking to Fabulous, royal expert Phil Dampier reflected on the Sussexes’ rollercoaster of a year, which saw them filling “more column inches than any other aspect of the royal soap opera.”

He rebuffed, “Instead of drawing a line under his life, Harry has carried on playing the victim.”

The former royals have continued to pull out all the stops to gain the public’s favor both in the US and the UK since quitting the Royal Family in 2020.

However, Dampier noted that Harry and Meghan’s “constant moaning” has done anything but, as evident by their plummeting popularity in the US as well the couple’s “failure to come up with viable projects.”

In one of the most recent blows, Harry and Meghan’s global press secretary Ashley Hansen quit their company after working for them for over a year.


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Hansen was truly an asset for the duke and the duchess since she replaced their former head of communications Toya Holness in May 2022.

The American-Iranian native helped Harry and Meghan clamber back from several PR nightmares over the year, including dealing with the fallout from their Netflix docu-series, Harry’s memoir, and advising them during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.