Pamela Anderson says she still has her 'Baywatch' swimsuit
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Pamela Anderson says she still has her ‘Baywatch’ swimsuit



Pamela Anderson discussed her hit television programme Baywatch and said that the famous swimsuits she wore on the show still fit her, according to Fox News.

Pamela revealed that she still has one of the classic red swimsuits that she wore on Baywatch Casey Jean Parker, over two decades ago.

Pamela said, “I had a couple back then. Now I only have one. I put it on every once in a while. It still fits.”

Pamela also recalled an incident when her Baywatch character spilled into her real life.

She said, “One time I was with my friends… with Luke Gilford, this photographer. I was at a party with him. And I remember they were like, ‘Where’s Pamela?’ I jumped in the shower and I came out soaking wet and gave everyone mouth-to-mouth. We always have fun. In high heels.”


Baywatch started streaming in 1989. Pamela Anderson portrayed the role of a lifeguard Casey Jane Parker in the hit TV series.


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